Get Outta Town! Lancaster County When Nothing’s Open

So, you’re ready to get away.  Things are starting to open again, but you’re just not sure what’s open and what you can do, right? Or honestly, how big of a crowd you are ready to face.  Hey – we get it!  So let’s take a look at some things to do in Lancaster County when nothing’s open.

Around Carriage Corner


Along with all the lovely, comfortable, relaxing areas to just sit and watch the world go by:  swing, comfy chairs, and the gazebo, We also have:

  • Firepit with chairs;
  • a vintage croquet game;
  • bocce ball set;
  • cornhole set; and
  • kings cross


Inside you will find all of the following which you are welcome to help yourself to.  You can play on the dining room table, take them to the gazebo or back deck or even into your room.

  • a closet full of board games
  • decks of cards
  • a cribbage game
  • books; and
  • puzzles

Getting Out

If staying in is not your style at all, I mean we’ve been cooped up for months already!  Check out our post on some great area hikes

Or maybe wandering around and seeking out covered bridges is more your style – here’s a few resources to help with that