Carriage Corner is Going Green

So, if you’ve stayed at Carriage Corner anytime since mid-October, 2016 you know we are originally from Seattle.  Which means we are tree hugging hippies!    Okay, not really, but we are very environmentally conscious and we always have been.  And you know what, that’s not a bad thing.  Since day one, we’ve been changing what we could to keep Carriage Corner Going Green.

Here are a few of the environmentally friendly things that we practice here at Carriage Corner:

  • cloth napkins are a great green option for the environmentally friendlycompost as much as we can and use that beautiful, rich soil in our gardens;
  • the thermostats are set low in both the summer and the winter;
  • added energy efficient fireplaces in all of the guest rooms;
  • eliminated the need for auxiliary window air conditioning units in the guest rooms;
  • updated the washer and dryer to more energy efficient models;
  • changed all the shower heads to be more water friendly;
  • stock refillable, environmentally friendly luxury bath products in all of our guest rooms;
  • keep a britta pitcher full in the fridge at all times and encourage guests to fill their water bottles;
  • recycle everything possible;
  • eliminated the use of single use soap; and
  • are phasing out plastic single use water bottles.

What’s the Advantage to You?

You don’t have to wonder if we’re recycling, because we are. When you room garbage is emptied, it’s sorted into trash, recycling and compost (if necessary). If you don’t feel comfortable tossing your bottle into the room garbage can, then there is a dedicated recycling bin in the garage and in the kitchen, the second can is recycling.  So feel free to put your garbage where – it will get sorted properly.

Other Green Practices

What other things do we do that benefit our guests, the environment and keep us moving forward on the going green path?Vintage Finds available - yard art rather than landfil?

  • Indoor lights in public spaces are on timers; outdoor floodlights are on motion sensors
  • Use LED bulbs
  • Grow our own herbs, edible flowers and small vegetable garden
  • planted loads of fruits – figs, raspberries, strawberries & kiwi, researching the hardiest varieties for the area
  • Freeze or preserve food so it doesn’t go to waste
  • Recycle large glass bottles into craft projects – herb planters and candles to name a few
  • Shop at and support locally owned retailers
  • Use Energy Star appliances
  • Re-use furniture – all of our antiques have been lovingly used by other generations
  • Donate to Goodwill and utilize services such as Craigslist and Freecycle
  • Take re-usable bags to the grocery store
  • Pay bills online and receive e-statements
  • UL-certified power strips provided in guest rooms where needed
  • Windows and screens kept in good working order so we can open them on days when the temperatures are moderate
  • Ask guests to partner with us in our green efforts by re-using towels and sheets
  • Cloth napkins are used at the breakfast tablequilt line drying - doesn't get much greener than that
  • All of the China is second hand
  • Line dry quilts, blankets and other items that won’t become stiff and uncomfortable to use

Our Green efforts continue as we find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly