Mini Golf is a Vacation Staple

I don’t know about you, but there is something about vacation and mini golf that goes hand in hand.  Honestly, it’s one thing we look for when we’re booking a vacation.  So, other than the fact that living in Lancaster isn’t our vacation I’m honestly surprised that we haven’t tried out one of the 4 mini golf courses that are close to Carriage Corner.

Watea photo of the gorgeous terrain at waters edge mini golfr’s Edge

Located just four miles from Carriage Corner in the lovely town of Ronks, Water’s Edge mini golf is a hidden gem of a course.  Along with having a lovely course with loads of water features, Water’s Edge also has a snack bar and petting zoo!  There’s truly something for the whole family.  All of the Water traps help keep Water’s Edge cool, but beware it’s out in open!

The secret to this hidden gem is that it’s open until 10p every day of the week – yep, including Sunday!

Lost Treasure Mini Golf & Maze

The next closest course to Carriage Corner is Lost Treasure located on Lincoln Highway just east of 896 at a whopping 6 miles away.  If you’ve ever driven past that huge pirate ship near Rockvale Outlets and wondered what it was, well, it’s Lost Treasure.  Unlike Water’s Edge, there is no food available here but there are plenty of places to eat near by.  I’m surprised to note that Lost Treasure is open daily from 9 am until 11pm!  11 – that’s unheard of!!

hole 11 at Village Greens

Village Greens Miniature Golf

Borrowed from Village Greens website because it’s just so good:  Here at Village Greens Miniature Golf, we like to think of ourselves as something more than just your typical mini-golf course.  Nestled in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside just west of Strasburg, we have the perfect setting for an amazing golf course.  Both of our courses offer something unique, from golfing in mature woods surrounded by colorful flowers to listening to the gurgle of a rushing stream as it makes its way through our miniature mill’s waterwheel.  Keep your eyes open and you’ll see fish, turtles, and many smiles coming from the happy golfers you encounter.

Village Greens is a little bit further than the first two courses coming in at a whopping 8.7 miles of scenic driving from Carriage Corner to Village Greens.  Depending on the route you take and the time of day, the drive will take roughly 20 minutes.  Once you arrive, you’ll have to choose between the 18 hole orange course and the 23 hole Gold Course.  If it were me, I’d go for the Gold!  Village Greens has a snack bar and their hours vary so check their website before you drive over.  Like the other courses mentioned, Village Greens is open on Sunday.  What we particularly love about this course is that in the heat of the summer, it’s cool and shady in it’s lovely mature woods.

Pevlo’s Putt Putt

Located in Stoner Commons, Pevlo’s Putt Putt is the furthest away from Carriage Corner at 13 miles and seems to only be open on Friday & Saturday.  There is a Grille on the property that has a menu that looks good.  Unfortunately, I can’t find must about their mini golf course on their website.

Extend Your Stay

To give you plenty of time to play the local mini golf courses!  Pick your favorite room or try a new one here at Carriage Corner and then take Monday off  so you can play all the course on Sunday.  Village Green closes the earliest on Sunday at 8:30, so you’d still have time to get games in on Sunday at 3 of the 4 courses!  We can’t wait to hear which is your favorite!