Lancaster County Hikes

So, we’ve all been at home for a minute or what feels like a year.  You’re ready to get out and go somewhere, but you don’t want to just stay in when you get there and you’re not quite feeling the crowds yet.  So, why not take a hike?

Lancaster County has some wonderful trails available for walking or bikes.  We are busy working with Lititz Bikeworks to come up with a discount for our guests so if walking isn’t your thing, a bike ride and a picnic might be.  So, let’s take a look at a few of nearby trails.

Butterfly Acres

Located at the south end of Lititz Borough, you’ll find the half mile trail called Butterfly Acres.  In addition to connecting two neighborhoods, the paved, multi-use trail provides passive recreation opportunities through an island of green space. Birds, small mammals and frogs can often be seen or heard along the trail, and the butterflies that give it its name frequently fly around the vegetation. A wooden footbridge carries the trail across the wetlands roughly halfway between Sixth and Locust streets, and a branch path extends north to Laurel Ave. Several of the homes whose backyards abbutt the trail are decoratively landscaped, adding to the trail’s quaintness. To access the trail, you’ll want to park at the Lititz Public Library and access the trail from E. Sixth Street.

Enola Low Grade Trail

With 29 miles of rail trail divided into 3 parts, each having it’s own unique territorial views, you can’t go wrong doing any part of the Enola Low Grade Trail. Running east-west through southeastern Pennsylvania, the Enola Low Grade Trail is remarkably flat, even for a rail-trail—it says so right there in the name! Even across hilly terrain, the trail’s grades never exceed a 1% slope due to a feat of civil engineering.  Click on the name for more information about this Lancaster County hike.

Money Rocks Park & Trail

Located just about where 897 meets 322 is Money Rocks Park.  The pride of the park is a rocky spine of boulders called Money Rocks, so-named because farmers in the Pequea Valley allegedly hid cash among the rocks. The ridge offers beautiful views of farmland, towns, and distant wooded hills. Cockscomb is another appropriately named outcropping of rocks a bit farther along the ridge. In the winter, the view from this precipice is equal to that of Money Rocks.  This is a great way to spend an afternoon and have dinner at Shady Maple before turning in for the day.

Speedwell Forge – Wolf Sanctuary & Park

Here’s another great way to spend a day.  Start with breakfast at Carriage Corner and then head over to Lititz to tour the Wolf Sanctuary.  Tours are held Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 10 am and we’re happy to help schedule your tour for you.  It looks like tours should be available again.  Once you’ve spent a couple of pleasant hours in the company of wolves, then head on over to the Speedwell Forge Park, though it’s 415 acres are mostly undeveloped, this park has a hiking trail through its scenic woods and a small parking area along Speedwell Forge Road.

Indoor Activities

If hiking through Lancaster County isn’t your idea of a good time, check out our selection of indoor activities available here at Carriage Corner.  And if you really just want to stay in, relax and watch movies – check out Tumbling Blocks.  It’s the biggest room here and has a large sitting area with a sofa along with the comfortable queen size bed.