Lancaster County Covered Bridges

Just like Madison county, Iowa, Lancaster County is also known for it’s covered bridges.  We just didn’t have Meryl Streep to help make ours famous 🙂

horse and buggy coming through a lancaster county covered bridgeWhat is it about the sight of a covered bridge that makes us think of romance and old charm?  Add in an Amish buggy clip cloping it’s way through said bridge and we all turn to mush. That is a sight that you can expect to see when touring the Lancaster County covered bridges.  You’re best bet, is probably the first one on our tour – the Paradise Bridge.

Did you know, that in the mid-1800s, there were about 12,000 covered bridges nationwide with 1,500 in Pennsylvania alone and more than 130 covered bridges in Lancaster County?  There are currently 29 covered bridges still standing in Lancaster County, so why not take a drive and find a few?  We happen to love the covered bridge at Pool Forge – which is not on our driving tour, but is lovely and easy to find!  In fact, the cover photo is the bridge at Pool Forge.  For more information on Lancaster County covered bridges, check out The Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society.

So, grab your camera or your new smart phone and our Lancaster County Covered Bridge Driving Tour and set out for the day.  While the covered bridges are beautiful any time of the year, they are exceptional during the Fall and Winter months.  They aren’t as crowded and there’s no foliage to get in the way of viewing the landscape.

A Little Lancaster County Covered Bridge History

paradise bridge, a lancaster county covered bridge with a horse and bugging going through the bridge* The oldest covered bridge in Lancaster County is the Neff’s Mill bridge (which is included on the Lancaster County Covered Bridge Driving Tour) over the Pequea Creek.

* Nearly all of the county’s covered bridges are red.  Keller’s Mill bridge in Ephrata is painted white.

* 23 of the remaining 29 covered bridges in Lancaster County are open to traffic and in regular use.


Etiquette When Crossing a Lancaster County Covered Bridge

lancaster county covered bridge with a horse and bugging going through the bridge

Most of you are aware that covered bridges are only one lane wide.  And that if you see traffic coming, you should wait and let it through.  But did you know that you should also wait to follow a car through in the same direction?

Those old wooden beams are very sturdy, but while they can easily support the weight of a car, the weight of two cars at once just might be too much.  So, let the car ahead of you clear the bridge before entering.


Once You’ve Toured those Covered Bridges, You’ll Want a Good Night’s Sleep

take a peek into our lonestar room, looking from the hallway into the room you can see the four poster bed

All that driving and fresh air exploring the covered bridges of Lancaster County, you’ll want a cozy comfortable place to relax and spend the evening. Thankfully, we have the perfect Bed and Breakfast for you. Carriage Corner has everything you need for a relaxing Lancaster County vacation. Warm up by the fireplace in our common room or snuggle up on the couch in one of our guest rooms with a cup of hot cocoa in hand.

When you wake up in the morning, join us upstairs for a cup of freshly brewed Lancaster County Coffee and a delicious homemade breakfast. It’s so good that you may never want to leave!