Cedar Lane Dry Goods – For All Your Fabric Needs

cedar lane sign at the end of the driveway - so you know you've found the right spotOne of the things the Amish are known for is quilting.  We’ve all heard about Amish Quilts and if you’ve stayed with us at Carriage Corner, you’ve even slept under an Amish Quilt – or maybe you folded it up and put in the closet – some guests do.  BUT, have you wondered where the Amish ladies go to buy their fabric?  Or maybe you’re taken with the fabric they make their dresses out of.  Cedar Lane Dry Goods is a fabulous find that’s just off the beaten path and where many Amish women go to purchase their supplies.


the selections of buttons, zippers and snaps from Cedar Lane is phenomenal

Buttons, Zippers & Snaps – Oh My!

This shop has an amazing selection of buttons, zippers and snaps at really great prices!  The zippers are sorted by color and are grouped together by length.  Most of the zippers in stock at Cedar Lane are invisible, remember the Amish are considered Plain and any other type of zipper would be too fancy.

The buttons are, again, mostly plain 2 or 4 hole buttons and are sold prepacked in baggies of 12 for less than a dollar!  If you are a shirt maker – I’d totally stock up on buttons with a visit to Cedar Lane.

The selection of snaps is deep.  I asked the young woman working the counter what you use to attach them and she suggested the dritz snap pliers, but I’m tempted to grab a bag (again a dozen snaps for a very low price) and see if they work with the Snap Source Snap Setter – I think it will, but please don’t hold me to it because I haven’t tried it.

Cedar Lane has a Wall of Bias Tape

looking down the wall of bias tapethe center of a roll of red gingham bias tapeIf you don’t enjoy making your own pretty bias tape, then you might want to head to Cedar Lane to stock up.  They have a wall of bias trims in various sizes and ‘folds’.  Some single fold bias and many double fold bias tapes.  They are sold by the yard.  Today, the selection seemed to be mainly solids with a good selection of ginghams available.  But in the past I’ve seen lovely prints made into bias tape available here as well.  I took a photo of the roll of red gingham bias tape.  This baby was single fold and wide – can you see the price in the center of the roll?  It says:  $0.37!  That’s right folks – 10 yards of already made red gingham bias tape is going to run you a whopping $3.70!  How can you go wrong?


Double Faced Quilted Fabric

double faced quilted fabric available at cedar lane dry goods just a short drive from carriage cornerThe final thing that really caught my eye during my recent stop at Cedar Lane, was the selection of double faced quilted fabric that they had available.

One of the things that I really want to make is a tamarack jacket.  While I would not use many of the double faced quilted fabrics available at Cedar Lane in this photo – There are a few that I would use.  There are also some that would be perfect for making soup bowl cozies – I’m looking at you potato fabric 😉

Pre-quilted, double faced fabric is also great when you need a baby gift in a hurry!  Just add some binding and bada bing, bada boom you have a baby blanket!

Plan Your Trip to Cedar Lane

If you love to sew – whether you make garments or quilts, we’d love to have you.  Did you know that at Carriage Corner we offer sewing retreats several times a year?  We also done a fabric store trip map and are adding to it as we blog about more of the shops where the locals shop.