Centerville Bulk is Amazing!

stacks and stacks of cookie decorating items available at centerville bulkYou may be asking me why right now.  Well, let me tell you!

Besides the normal grocery items you can find at Centerville Bulk, what you’ll also find is an amazing selection of bulk decorating items.  With a sweet little granddaughter who is very interested in ‘baking projects’ this isle at Centerville Bulk is right up my alley!  For Christmas we started her with a little collection of colored holiday sprinkles as well as the themed shaped ones.  What you are seeing in this photo is what’s called sanding sugar and I believe it’s used on sand tarts as well as decorated sugar cookies.  They literally have every color of the rainbow – too bad they aren’t arranged in rainbow order.  waa waa



Baking Supplies Like You’ve Never Seen Before

need chocolate chips? Centerville bulk has got you covered! The first time I set foot in Centerville Bulk, I’m pretty sure I walked around with my mouth hanging open.  You see, Centerville Bulk is truly not like any other grocery store you’ve ever been in – unless you frequent quite a few Amish grocery stores.  Centerville Bulk is a long, low building that you might actually miss if you aren’t paying attention.  It’s located quite close to Carriage Corner and the baking supplies are all sold in bulk.

Once you find the store, parking can be a bit of a challenge.  There is equally as much space for cars as there is for horse and buggies.  Often, the buggies outnumber the cars.

So, what can you expect to find inside Centerville Bulk? a building with just enough electricity to run the cash registers and coolers.  Local produce and canned goods.  Many gluten free flours and items you may need for gluten free cooking – for example when I couldn’t find tapioca starch at my local grocery story, Centerville Bulk had it!  Baking supplies, including chocolate chips, mini peanut butter cups, flour, and sugar.  And the prices, well the prices are amazing!  We keep many of those chocolate chips, mini and regular size on hand for the cookies that are always freshly made when you check in at Carriage Corner.


Centerville Bulk Has Herbs and Spices too!

bulk herbs available at centerville bulkThis past summer we had a guest who couldn’t tolerate phosphates.  You might be wondering what that is, because I know I was.  Well, it’s in baking powder and makes things rise.  So, what can you use instead?  Cream of tartar and baking soda, just verify that your baking soda is phosphate free.  When was the last time you bought cream of tartar?  If you’re like me, it’s not something you use often.  I mean, I regularly use when I’m making buttermilk waffles, a little pinch added to the egg whites will make them fluff up a little bit higher.  So, when I ran out, I looked for that little tiny 1.5 ounce bottle at my supermarket and do you know they wanted almost $4 for it!!  So, I took myself off Centerville Bulk where I picked up a 4 ounce tub for just over a dollar!

I also stock up on rosemary, basil, oregano and other herbs to make my own spice blends.  I buy bigger bags of cinnamon, cloves and ginger to have on hand for baking and making my own pumpkin pie spice or apple pie spice.  Those spice blends are used in several of our breakfast recipes.


Bulk Pudding Mix Available At Centerville Bulk

bags of bulk pudding mix

Are you starting to get the idea why it’s called Centerville Bulk yet?  Along with everything else, they have jello, pudding, pie filling and icing available in bulk bags.

You might be wondering – why would anyone need a bag of pudding mix?  Well, we have an amazing muffin recipe that we serve at Carriage Corner that uses butterscotch pudding mix.  It can be hard to find in the little boxes.  But, if I buy it in bulk, then I only need my kitchen scale to make my muffins.

There are several recipes that use pudding mix as part of the recipes.  You might want to try a few of these, once you’ve stopped by Centerville Bulk and stocked up.

So, during your stay at Carriage Corner, you might want to stop into Centerville Bulk.  It’s easy to find and we’re more than happy to show you where it is on the map – just ask!  We can’t wait to hear what you thought about your visit to Centerville Bulk.