3705 E. Newport Road | Intercourse, PA 17534

Call or Text:  717-768-3059

3705 E. Newport Road | Intercourse, PA 17534

Call or Text:  717-768-3059

There’s a New Show in Town

Many of you may be aware of Magic & Wonder that used to have a show in the Bird-in-Hand Theater.  Well due to some unforeseen circumstance for Rainbow Comedy Theater and some really good luck for Brett & Labrina the owner of the Magic & Wonder show, they have now moved to what was Rainbow Comedy Theater.

The Stage is Set

Brett Myers talking to a group of innkeepers during a luncheon at Shady MapleIn February, before Covid was a thing, a call was sent out for volunteers to help paint the lobby of the theatre and get everything cleaned and ready to go.  See the original opening date was set to coincide with the opening of Queen Ester, but we all know what happened with that.  If you’re on facebook click over and watch Brett talk about getting the theater ready and see the volunteers around the room.  You’ll catch of glimpse of Mr. Carriage Corner popping up with a paint roller in his hand and I can be seen scrubbing gunk off a bathroom facet.  There were a few more nights of volunteers helping to get the theater all ready.  I got a backstage tour which was really fun.  So now, here we are in early March, just waiting to open:

The walls were all painted.
The amazing art featuring legendary magicians was hung.
Everything was scrubbed and sparkling.
The snacks were purchased.
The show was rehearsed until it could be done in their sleep

Then Covid closed Pennsylvania down.


The Show Must Go On

Finally, Magic & Wonder was able to open and debut their new Worlds of Wonder show!  The official opening date of the show was July 1, 2020.  We were able to see the show a week or so later.  While the requirements for social distancing in Pennsylvania for entertainment are quite strict, Worlds of Wonder is exceeding those requirements.  They are operating at roughly 25% occupancy.  When you first get to the threater, there is a hand sanitizer dispenser right there for your use.

Next stop, the ticket ‘booth’ where a masked member of the cast will help you find your seats.  The only people you’ll be sharing a table with are the ones you booked your tickets with. The entire cast and crew is masked before the show while they help you find get your snacks and then find your seats.  While there are 2 doors into the main theater, it is currently set up that you go from the lobby to the theater using the doors on your left, which are open until the show starts and to go back into the lobby, again, use the doors to your left.

Worlds of Wonder!

Once you have your snacks (the popcorn and pretzels are really good!) and are seated at your table, you are free to take your mask off.  We all know it’s impossible to eat wearing a mask.  Next up – Labrina will come on the screen and tell you everything they are doing to keep show attendees safe.  Finally the lights go down and the show starts!  There were many, many times when Mr. Carriage Corner and I looked at each other and asked – How did he do that?! I won’t tell you much about the show, but I will tell you it is family friendly and in fact, Brett & Labrina’s own children feature in one of the worlds.

The show was a lot of fun and Brett & Labrina are class acts – in more ways than one.  If you were a season ticket holder for Rainbow Comedy Playhouse, contact the Magic & Wonder Box Office at 717-323-3077 to see what they have in store for you.  If you’d like to see Worlds of Wonder during your stay at Carriage Corner, let me know when you make your reservation and I’ll send you a code for purchasing your tickets to see Worlds of Wonder.

We are thrilled to have Magic & Wonder and their new show so close to Carriage Corner; to have played a small part in helping get the theater ready to go; and to have partnered with the theater to provide a discount to really help you get the most out of your visit to Lancaster County.  I think now, more than ever, having something that feels safe and normal is so very important.