Sight & Sound's DavidSight & Sound

Have you seen a production at Sight & Sound?  If not, now is a great time to go!  Sight & Sound is known for their unique theater experience that includes a 2,000 seat auditorium, a 300-ft stage that surrounds the audience on three sides, a cast of 50 actors, state-of-the-art technology, and live animals.  Their tag line is Where the Bible Comes to Life


This show opens with a young boy playing a harp and everyone laughing, dancing and singing.  Until David’s father banishes him to learn to be a shepherd and we all know how the story goes from there.  For most people, I think David is one of their favorite characters in the bible because his story is still so relatable in 2022.

The sets were amazing – in front of us and on both sides.  I think you could go several times and see a different production every time because you were looking someplace else.  It’s truly hard to take in everything that is happening at the same time.  Here’s a just a little snippet from Sight & Sound’s David.


There are many live animals in this show.  But I think my favorite is the llama – or it might be an alpaca.  However, there are also birds, sheep, horses, camels and birds.  Many of the animals run through the isles of the theater and several times horses are rode right through the audience and up on the stage.  There was much more happening on the floor of Sight & Sound’s David than any of the previous shows we’ve seen.  While I don’t believe there is a bad seat in the house, I do think maybe for this production, the floor might be the best place to be.


Did you know that when you are a guest at Sight & Sound, we are able to offer you discounted tickets to see the shows?  As has many things in 2022, the price of tickets to Sight & Sound’s David have increased from last year, it will now cost you between $69 – $79 per person to see David.  However, when you have made your reservation at Carriage Corner, you can let us know that you’d like to add ticket to David to your reservation.  The discounted tickets are good for any show Tuesday through Friday.  We will select the best available seats, although if you have a preference, just let us know.  Once your reservation has been received, we’ll purchase your tickets and print them out, ready for your arrival at Carriage Corner.  So, pick your favorite room or try a new one and let us know you’d like to add tickets to see David at Sight & Sound!