New Holland Coffee Company

new holland coffee company logoI’ve known about this little shop for quite some time, but hadn’t taken the time to stop into New Holland Coffee Company for myself.

Last weekend, while driving around with Mr. Carriage Corner, we found ourselves with some time on our hands.  So – we stopped and I made him buy me a cup of coffee.  We pulled into the parking lot around 11 am on a Saturday. While both the parking lot and the cafe were busy, we were able to find parking easily.  Once inside, ordering our drinks was simple and easy.  I was surprised that there wasn’t a line, considering the way the parking lot looked.


Ordering Was Easy

just a few of the freshly baked pastries available Once you have placed your ordered, they give you a little buzzer so you can find a table or a comfortable chair and get cozy, waiting for you drink to be ready. Besides drinks, the New Holland Coffee Company has a really nice menu available. As well as pastries baked in house daily, they offer a selection of breakfast items, salads, sandwiches and burgers.  I also noted they have non-dairy options as well as gluten free bread available.  Which is great!  It’s nice to know where there are good gluten and dairy free options.

I will say, even though we had just had breakfast, I was very tempted by the pastries as well as the beautiful food that I saw coming from the kitchen.


Freshly Roasted Beans

the coffee roaster at new holland coffee company

I was quite taken with this beautiful coffee roasting set up they had going on.  Honestly, I was a bit sad that New Holland Coffee Company wasn’t in the middle of roasting coffee beans while we were there.  I think I might give them a call and see if they do tours or are willing to explain the coffee roasting process to me.  Although it’s not a great photo (taken with my cell phone, through a window) it was interesting to see the sacks of beans and the different origins – at least I think that’s what those tags are on the windows.

I’m hoping that the next time I wander by, they have beans roasting in progress.

The Decor at New Holland Coffee Company is Charming

charming decor creates a great gathering space I was completely taken with the industrial farmhouse look they have going on over at New Holland Coffee Company.  First, there was a mix of intimate and long tables, high bar areas and lots of cozy chairs and couches.  There was a double sides gas fireplace that was throwing off heat as well as being lovely – anyone want to meet here to knit?

Next, were the pipes being used for everything from holding shelves up to table legs.  I’m really digging the industrial farmhouse look and we are slowly adding these charming industrial touches to our guest rooms.  All-in-all, New Holland Coffee Company did not disappoint.  If you are looking for freshly roasted coffee, why not stop by and grab a bag to take home?