Lancaster County Antiques – Antique Capital of the US?

Are you a lover of antiques?  Or maybe just a fabulous window shopper?  Or maybe you want to stay over on Sunday and aren’t sure what Lancaster has to offer.  Adamstown is known as the Antiques Capital of the US.  The Heart of Adamstown is located June 15 miles from Carriage Corner.  Three times a year along a seven mile stretch of 272 between Ephrata and Adamstown there is an Antiques Extravaganza!  In 2022, we’ve already missed the Spring event as of this posting, but the Summer extravaganza happens June 22 – 26; and Fall:  Sept. 21, -25.  During the five days extravaganza events, more dealers come to town, shops stay open longer hours, and many of the shops feature free refreshments and extra discounts. Antique buyers come from far and wide to experience the best antique shopping anywhere in the US!

Five Favorite Antique Shops

In no particular order, we’ve curated a list of 5 amazing antique stores in Lancaster County for your pleasure.

  1. Adamstown Antiques Mall.  The Antiques Mall is a collection of booths, but curated and put together quite differently.  Like items are grouped together inside rather than a collection of each person’s individualBurning Bridges a Lancaster County Antiques Shop in Columbia stuff.
  2. Burning Bridges Antique Market in Columbia.  At Burning Bridges there is plenty of off-street parking and convenient access for loading. The 24,000 square feet market originated as a hardware store and sewing factory in the late 1800’s. We have painstakingly added modern conveniences while preserving the historic beauty of our market including hardwood floors, pressed tin ceilings, limestone walls, chestnut millwork and amazing windows.
  3. Cackleberry Farm Antique Mall located in Paradise.  Cackleberry Farm is 26,000 square feet of shopping on one floor!  They are soo big, that they even have a restaurant onsite for when you need a break from shopping.
  4. Old Mill Antique Store in Strasburg.  This beautiful 3 story brick building was originally opened as an auction house in 1978. Through the years, it’s changed into what it is today, a destination known for fine antique furniture as well as housing 24 smaller antique vendors.
  5. My Aunt Debbie – in downtown Lancaster.  My Aunt Debbie’s slogan is ‘Handmade. Vintage. Happy’ and that’s exactly what you’ll find when you shop in this eclectic shop.
  6. Morgantown Market – in Morgantown is a bonus because technically it’s

Five Great Places to Find Architectural Salvage in Lancaster County

  1. Oley Valley Architectural Antiques – located in Adamstown.  This shop is filled to the rafters with amazing salvaged items.Lancaster County Antiques can be found at the mud sales too
  2. Cornfields – located on 322 in New Holland, Cornfields has a huge selection of architectural salvage as well as decor items.  Unfortunately, they are closed on Sundays.
  3. The Barnyard Boys – specializing in in reclaimed lumber, antiques and architectural items, custom barn doors, furniture, and flooring from salvaged and reclaimed materials
  4. Steve’s Barn – Steve is an older Amish Gentleman that we know who collects just about everything and has his barn filled with it!  Make sure you ask us how to get there
  5. The Mud Sales – while most of the mud sales happen earlier in the year, there are still plenty happening, so check out the 2022 schedule

Make Your Plans Now

Now’s the time to make plans to get to Lancaster County and explore.  We still have rooms available during the summer Antiques Extravaganza in Adamstown as well as for many of the remaining mud sales.  Pick your favorite and come explore all of the treasures that can be found in Lancaster County!  We can’t wait to meet you.