Why Is It Called a Mud Sale?

You might be wondering just exactly what a mud sale is. I’ll tell you what it isn’t.  A mud sale is not a place to buy mud or even dirt.  But it is an indicator that better weather is on the way.  Lancaster Mud Sales are a tradition that goes back to the 1960s, when the local volunteer fire department decided to hold an auction to held fund whatever that particular fire department might need.

But why are they called Mud Sales? Oh, that’s because the auctions happen in the parking lots and fields surrounding the fire house regardless of the weather.

2024 Mud Sale Schedule

  • Strasburg Spring Consignment & Mud Sale – February 24
  • Bart Township Auction & Mud Sale – March 1, in the evening & March 2
  • Gordonville Spring Mud Sale & Auction – March 8, in the early evening & March 9
  • Penryn Volunteer Fire Co. Sale – FRIDAY EVENING March 15, starting at 12 noon
  • Bart Township Building Materials & Crafts sale – March 16
  • West Earl Fire Company Annual Quilt & Consignment Auction – March 16
  • Airville Fire Co. 20th! Spring Consignment & Quilt Auction – March 16
  • Farmersville Volunteer Fire Co. Sale – this is a Friday night only sale, starts at 4:30 – March 22
  • Gap Fire Company Sale – Friday, March 22 at 5 and Saturday, March 23
  • Robert Fulton Sale – April 6
  • Rawlinsville Sale – April 12 starting at 5 & April 13
  • Schoeneck Mud Sale and Quilt Auction – April 20
  • Fivepointville Auction – May 4
  • Honey Brook Fire Company Quilt Sale & Consignment Auction – May 11
  • Weaverland Valley Sale – May 17 & 18
  • Kinzer Fire Co. Mud Sale – June 8
  • Refton Fire Company Sale – June 22
  • Lancaster County Carriage and Antique Auction – June 27, 3 – 9p & June 28, 8 – 5
  • Bareville Fire Company Consignment Auction – August 24
  • Gordonville Fall Sale & Auction – September 21
  • Cochranville Fire Company Mud Sale – October 19

What to Expect During Lancaster Mud Sales

So now that you know why they’re called mud sales, let’s talk about what you’ll find.  Mud Sales are auctions, exclusive to Lancaster County, where you can find just about anything. There is lumber, plants, antiques, new furniture, crafts, handmade Amish quilts, buggies, lawn equipment and outdoor furniture to name just a few of the things you’ll find at any given sale.

At the majority of sales, you’ll want to go the day before. Why? So you can view the items available for sale, pick up a quilt catalogue, and register for your bidder number. This is important, because you can’t bid on anything without one.  Remember to bring your checkbook along – if you live in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and/or Delaware many of the fire departments will let you write a personal check, saving you money on credit card fees which the fire department passes along to the purchaser.

Why Attend a Mud Sale?

Because they are fun! To find something unique. As huge fans of Flea Market Flip, we go to find pieces of furniture for upcycling, you may have seen some of them in your guest room.  Both Lonestar & Log Cabin have upcycled nighstands. There’s a beautiful church pew in the common area that was a mud sale find and the sewing machine table at the top of the stairs was also from a mud sale

Plan to Attend a 2024 Mud Sale

Our newest furniture flip is the towel rack in Tumbling Blocks. Upcycling some cute school chairs that we found at a mud sale into a charming towel rack for the bathroom!   So, pick your favorite mud sale, then pick your favorite room and book quick!

we upcycled some childrens chairs into a towel rack