Queen Ester

Queen Ester live on state at Sight & SoundI don’t know about you – but I absolutely love going to see shows at Sight & Sound.  I have been looking forward to seeing Queen Ester for quite some time.  If you aren’t familiar with Sight & Sound, it’s a theater located in Lancaster County, just 7 miles from Carriage Corner.


We were lucky enough to attend the Premier of Queen Ester at Sight & Sound on Friday, March 13th, right at the beginning of the everyone starting to Shelter in Place and stay home.  Jay and I were both well and we determined the risk of attending was worth it.  The Theater was not hugely crowded and the show was absolutely mesmerizing.

One of my favorite parts of attending shows at Sight & Sound is the animals.  I love how they are such an integral part of the show.  Once Sight & Sound is open again, Jay and I are taking a private backstage tour with our Sight & Sound Representative and we’ll be taking some photos to share some of that backstage info with our guests!  Queen Ester has camels, horses, birds and a dog – that I can remember right off the top of my head, although I’m sure there are more.

Funny story from the show – there is a moment when there are parrots on stage.  They are to fly off and go to their handler – and one of them flies up to the balcony level (where we were sitting) and lands in the section next to us.  The usher tells everyone to leave the bird be, but the woman sitting closest to us was losing her mind.  I guess she thought the bird was going to come and get her.  Honestly, once it landed on the chair back, the bird was just hanging out watching the show like the rest of us!

Be Still & Know

Queen Ester has some fabulous original music in the show.  The recurring theme is:  Be Still & Know.  I can’t think of anything more appropriate for the current times, can you?  On Sight & Sound’s facebook page you can listen to this original song.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Make Your Plans

Camels in training for their role in Queen Ester at Sight & Sound

First:  Pick out your favorite room at Carriage Corner.  I go back and forth between which is my favorite room, and I’ve managed to do a blog post about Log Cabin after we painted the room and changed the furniture around.  The room might not look exactly like it does in the picture, because soft furnishings chang constantly (quilts, rugs, window coverings, etc.)

Next:  Make Your Reservation.  You can do that online, by calling us at 717-768-3059, by sending a text to 717-768-3059, send me an email at hello@CarriageCornerBandB.com, or message us through our Facebook Page.  In the special notes section – let us know that you’d like tickets to see Queen Ester.  We are able to provide our guests with a 10% discount on their tickets to Sight & Sound shows, as well as shows at other theaters in the area.

Finally:  Let me know a good time to give you a call to secure your Sight & Sound tickets.  See, I need to be in front of the computer and then we purchase the tickets with our discount, directly on your credit card so you get the full discount.


We are looking forward to the days when we can welcome guests through our door again.  Being able to hug everyone and catch up.  Be safe everyone!  And follow Queen Ester’s advice – Be Still & Know.