Still Inn Business

We have been so blessed to be part of the Still Inn Business Campaigns.  Get it?  Covid and county-wide closures have been had on the bed and breakfast and travel industry and this website has been a huge help in letting people know that our small business are still open.  We participated in the Apple Pie Day Promotion with our own Mini Apple Tart recipe, did you try it?

Virtual Garden Tour

For this next round of marketing, Maria came up with the brilliant idea to hightlight the gardens of bed and breakfasts who wanted to be included.

If you’ve stayed at Carriage Corner, you may be aware that Mr. Carriage Corner is quite fond of his gardens and we have many things available for you to enjoy them.  Check out the Lawn Games we have available.  We have multiple berry vines around the property and this year I learned how to make Amish Mush – which sounds horrible but is absolutely delicious.  You might enjoy trying some berry mush as part of your starter at breakfast which could be a yogurt parfait, chia seed pudding with mush, or even panna cotta.

We also have fig, peach and crabapples growing and plant a pretty healthy vegetable garden as well as many herbs and lettuces growing on the kitchen deck.  We try to use fresh whenever possible because #freshisbest!

So – download the virtual tour and check out the participating B&Bs that are Still INN Business or click on the photo just jump straight to our 4 pages.  There’s a discount code in the book that good through the end of September on direct bookings – so, if you feel comfortable travelling and want to enjoy some farm fresh fruits and veggies – grab your code, make your reservation and come on out!