Social Distancing

What a new concept for a society that has become very social.  While many people joke that they have trained for this for years, I think it’s a struggle for many of us to ‘shelter in place.’ First and foremost, we want to make sure that our guests are safe.  We have come to know you as friends and you are important to our lives.  So, please be safe.  Next – here are just a few of the ways that Jay and I are maintaining our sanity while maintaining our distance – although not from each other!

Ideas to Keep Your Mind Busy

mini lemon poppyseed muffins delivered to a neighbor to help brighten their spirits~~ We always have a puzzle ongoing in the common room at Carriage Corner, it’s not only a guest favorite, it’s one of ours as well.  We are so blessed that guests often bring us puzzles – 1,000 pieces are our favorites.

~~ Do you belong to a book club?  Have you had time to read the book of the month?  Why not set aside some time to read that book you’ve always wanted to read, but didn’t have the time to get lost in?  Is anyone interested in a Carriage Corner Virtual Book Club?  I’ve finally joined a local book club and I’m loving the discussions.  I will honestly admit – I rarely have the book finished at discussion time.  But I’d love to set something up if people are interested.

~~ Have a video meeting with your kids/grandkids/friends/neighbors it gives you something to look forward to and a reason to get dressed.

~~ Try out a new recipe and then deliver it to your neighbor in a socially distant way.  Packaged up carefully and then left on their front porch.  You can then text or call the neighbor and let them know there’s a little surprise for them on their porch.  Also works with a lovely jar of flowers!

Ideas to Keep Your Body Healthy

~~ Take a walk.  Did you know that Intercourse Park is literally 2 doors down from Carriage Corner?  Right now, we go across the lawn to the get to the parking lots of Snyder’s Furniture and the Car Wash, but the Township is going to be adding a sidewalk, hopefully before 2022 which will connect Carriage Corner to Intercourse Park.  The park has a lovely walking path, 2 gazebos and several benches to just sit and enjoy nature as well as a pond right in the center of the park.

daily yoga practice happening at carriage corner~~ Do yoga.  I’m not very good, but I do enjoy it.  Currently, I’m working through Yoga With Adriene and enjoying reconnecting with my body every day.  I’m not very graceful and my balance is horrible, but I’m very flexible.  Once we are *Free to Move About the Country* again, I’m going to find time to attend regular classes at Intercourse Yoga.  This is a lovely studio that is walking distance from Carriage Corner, located above A&E Candies, Michelle is a wonderful teacher who welcomes everyone to her studio, a mat and her practice.

Jethro thinks a daily yoga practice is also a good idea.  He does downward facing dog with me and then when I’m done, he enjoys a little shavasana.


Social Distancing Ideas that Will Help You Learn a New Skill

socially distant sourdough starter~~ Bake Bread.  Yep – like everyone else across the country – I’m trying to figure out bread baking.  I’ve never had much luck with it, however, in the past couple of years I’ve been able to successfully make Mallorca rolls which are a yeast bread.  I have been trying to make the Back of the Bag Oatmeal Bread from King Arthur with no luck.  I’ve tossed my yeast and replaced it with new yeast.  I’ve also started what I’m calling my Social Distancing Sourdough Starter.  I make a lot of jams with the lovely produce grown by Mr. Carriage Corner or that we can get locally, but I never seem to have anything to serve it on.  So, at the very least my goal is to learn to make Sourdough Engligh Muffins.  Currently, I’m tracking my progress on Instagram in stories, but I’ll add it as a highlight, so you can follow along too, if you’d like.  I’ll also create a photo album of my adventures in bread baking on our facebook page.

~~ Take a knitting class.  My friend Wendy and her husband own Lancaster Yarn Shop and she’s learning and growing with the times and offering her knitting classes via a virtual meeting currently.  She’ll be able to see you and help with anything you need.  There is something very meditative about knitting that lets you stop worrying and just enjoy the process.

~~ Finish a Home Improvement Project you’ve put off.  This one is especially appropriate for us at this time.  We’ve had a couple of big house projects in the works for a while and have been collecting the supplies to get them done.  Mr. Carriage Corner is currently refinishing the floors in the Great Room and Dining Room.  I can’t wait to see how the turn out!

~~ Learn how to edit photos.  Yep, that’s another project I’m working on.  We have a handful of absolutely beautiful photos from the local landscape to sweet farm animals and I’m learning to edit and print them so we can have them available for purchase in our gift shop.

~~ Start a garden.  I am not a gardener – never have been, but in an effort to be outside in the sunshine more, I’m dreaming of planting a cutting garden so I can bring fresh flowers in the bed and breakfast.  I’m always involved in what Mr. Carriage Corner plants in the food garden, this year I’m looking forward to fresh from the garden asparagus, potatoes, tomatoes and squash.  As well as being able to go out the kitchen door and pick basil, rosemary, thyme and spinach.

So, we’re curious, how are you maintaining your social distance along with your sanity?