Carriage Corner Room Names

a photo of log cabin from the door with the carriage corner room name sign visibleWe’ve all done it.  We’ve all stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast in a charming town and wondered – how did these rooms get their names?  Right?!  We’ve been in placed that were named for people who were important to the town and honestly, that always feels a bit weird to me, like maybe someone’s watching.  I mean, I know they’re not, but still . . .

And then there’s the rooms like the Carriage Corner room names:  just a jumbled mess that made no sense.  At least not to me or anyone else.  The rooms were beautiful, be we couldn’t figure out the names at all!  They rooms were Lemon, Plum, Strawberry, Cranberry and Pineapple – cool, we’re going to find a fruit theme in them, right?  Wrong!  So maybe it was colors?  Nope, not that either.  And then, to add to the confusion the key ring for the Lemon room has a cat on it and the door had the number 3 in script.  I was so confused checking people in.

Many people have asked about how we decided on the names we ended up with.

So How Did We Decide?

Carriage Corner is located in the heart of Amish Country.  We’re right in the middle of Lancaster County making it easy to get just about anywhere.  We have Amish neighbors right across the street!  And at this point, almost 6 years in, most of our dear friends in Pennsylvania are Amish as well.  Honestly, I couldn’t be happier about it.  It’s a beautiful place to live (and visit).

But, when we were just getting settled in the area, we gave some thought to what brings people to Lancaster County to visit and we kept circling back to the Amish.  Well I wasn’t going with the 5 most common Amish surnames – remember my comment above? Nor was I going to use common first names – let me just show you to Amos’ room – nope.  So, we started looking at quilts.  As a person who sews – I loved this idea.

Amish Quilts

Lonestar quilt on the bed in the lonestar roomHistorically, Amish Quilts where made with “plain” fabrics or solid colors. However, in the last several years that has changed and the Amish are making quilts with beautiful printed quilting cottons in loads of fun colors, but they are still using the traditional patterns.

So, with that in mind and the fact that we had a gorgeous lonestar quilt already on the bed in the cranberry room (now Lonestar) we decided to give a quilt them to the Carriage Corner room names.  Once we had a theme in mind the rest was easy.  I picked up a book of Amish Quilt Patterns and went with some fun names.  May we present:  Log Cabin, Lancaster Rose, Dahlia, Lonestar and Tumbling Blocks.  Unfortunately, due to the current 2022 world situation, the Amish Quilts are not currently on the beds in our guest rooms.  They have all been carefully washed, hung out on the line in the sunshine to dry and the gently folded and put away until such time as we don’t feel the need to wash the bedding after each guest for everyone’s safety.

Get Your Own Quilt

Are you in the market for your own quilt?  There are several ways to get one my favorite being to attend a mud sale.  Or even the Garden Spot Quilt Auction which happens in Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, & November.  Mostly on Tuesdays, but watch the schedule because sometimes they change the date. But when that doesn’t work into your schedule, we can suggest a couple shops that have gorgeous quilts that you will love.  You’ll want to stop by Village Handmade to see their stunning quilts then stop just down the street at Handmade Quilts & Crafts and make sure you stop into The Old Country Store.  All of these shops are within walking distance of Carriage Corner.  Then, get into your car and make sure you stop at Riehl’s Quilts & Crafts, Lantz Homestead Quilt Barn and finally Smucker’s Quilts.  Finally, did you know that if you can’t find your dream quilt, that you can commission it at many of the Amish Quilt Shops!