Quilt Fabric in Lancaster County

This is by no means an exhaustive list.  This is a list that was compiled by reaching out to guests who regularly come to Lancaster County to do some serious shopping for quilt fabric.   So, one bright and sunning afternoon Jay and I jumped in the jeep with the list and made a large loop starting and ending at Carriage Corner.   I am not really a quilter, but I do use quilting fabric for making Jay’s bowling shirts.  Because of that, I don’t know what the current fabric lines are so can’t really speak to that in our travels.

If the shop name is in blue, there is blog post about just that shop. Here are the Lancaster County Quilt Shops that we toured:

  • Bird-in-Hand Fabrics
  • Log Cabin Quilts
  • Cedar Lane
  • Goods

In each shop, I asked the owners if it was okay if I took photos and was careful to only photograph the fabrics and the shop layout.  I did purchase just a few pieces of fabric along the route.

Bird In Hand Fabric

I have noticed this shop prior to stopping in – they always have beautiful quilts hanging from the front porch.  There are quilts and quillows for sale inside the store.  They stocked a large selection of Mettler thread and had a large selection of quilting cottons that were organized in a pleasing manner.  This shop has a new owner and the shop looks bright and interesting.  Bird-in-Hand Fabric has a huge selection of fabric panels as well as a large assortment of wide backing fabrics.

pile of backing fabric Jelly rolls and precuts bolts of fabric

Log Cabin Quilts

Located on Old Philadelphia Pike, Log Cabin Quilts is a must stop for all quilters.  Located in Bird in Hand, Log Cabin is nows to have beautiful quilts hung up outside.  This shop has the most amazing cotton flannel I have ever seen in my life.  If I could have talked Mr. Carriage Corner into a flannel button down shirt I would have bought some.  The price was incredibly reasonable and the fabric felt amazing!  This shop also carried mettler thread and had a huge selection of current quilt fabric along with several beautiful Cathedral Windows quilts for purchase.

huge room of quilting fabric lots of panels available

Cedar Lane Dry Goods

This shop is attached to a house.  Be prepared to have dog greet you when you park and you may very well be parked next to an Amish horse & buggy.  I thought Cedar Lane had the best selection of notions that I had ever seen.  Tons of snaps in various colors; a wall of bias binding in solids and prints, buckets of reasonably priced zippers and a large selection of pretty buttons.  Cedar Lane’s fabrics {to me} seemed to be geared toward the Amish Woman who is making her family’s clothing.  There was lots of wide width poly fabrics.  I felt the quilt fabric selection was small – but I would go back just for the snaps and bias binding.

need a zipper bias binding snaps


Goods was our last stop of the day and while I wandered around the fabric section – Mr. Carriage Corner wandered around the entire store, see Goods is an “everything but food” store.  Goods carries the Moda line of quilt fabric and most of it is priced at just under $8/yard.  They also have a large selection of good quality, reasonably priced elastic, as well as other notions.

beautiful display of quilt fabric at goods in east earl more precuts - all the stores have them

So – If you are a quilter – why not plan your quilt fabric shopping trip?  Give us a call at 717-768-3059 or to book your stay in one of our quilt themed rooms!  You can always book your room directly through our website.  We look forward to meeting you and seeing what gorgeous quilt fabric you come back with.