Shop Like a Local

beautiful blushing begonia We first found out about Leids Greenhouse from some of our Amish friends last year.  We have been shouting about Leids ever since!  The question you may be asking yourself is why?  Well – let me tell you!  Check out their website

Leids Greenhouse is just that – it’s a series of 5 greenhouses where they plant and nurture many of the flowers that they have available as well as the herbs and veggie starts.  It was from healthy little starts at Leids last year that we were able to successfully grow edible broccoli and cauliflower.  Also – I learned a gardening secret from the Amish. When your broccoli and cauliflower start to form veggies, pull those big leaves of theirs over the ‘head’ and tie them up with string.  This will prevent the heat from discoloring your cauliflower and your broccoli from bolting.  Bonus – it helps the ‘head’ to form.

Why Leids Greenhouse?

sunflowers Well, first they are locally owned by a Mennonitefamily and they are completely family run.

I believe most of the plants and veggies that are sold are started in their own greenhouses.  There are at least 5 greenhouses that you can see when you drive up to the building.

The starts are always healthy and honestly, not very expensive. It’s a great way to do a container garden on a back deck, or a full on vegetable garden like we have at Carriage Corner.  Oh, you’ve never noticed it?  It’s in the front corner of the front yard over by Snyder’s Furniture.

Leids also has absolutely beautiful flowers from geraniums to sunflowers, you can’t go wrong with a shopping trip to Leids.

veggie and tomato startsHerbs

I like to have fresh herbs handy because it just adds something a little extra to your breakfast.  My basic breakfast herbs are basil, rosemary and chives.  My preference is to keep them in pots on the back deck.  I call it my little kitchen garden and Leids Greenhouse helps me keep those herbs on hand.

It’s so nice to just walk out the kitchen pick some basil, cut it up into pretty ribbons to sprinkle over freshly picked tomatoes and then drizzle with a little bit of balsamic from The Olive Basin.

So, now that you know all about Leids Greenhouse, make sure you ask us where they are located during your next stay.  It’s also good to know that they are only open in the Spring, closing for the year just before July 4th.