Bread Goals

Is there anything better than homemade yeast bread?  I think not. For years and years I have tried very unsuccessfully to bake bread.  I’ve tried everything – from mixing by hand, using my mixer and even using a bread machine and always ended up with heavy dense bread that nobody would eat!  

I take that back, I did have a short run in the early 2000s when I used the bread machine and box mixes are some pretty tasty bread come out of the machine.  But since then, no luck.

Quick Bread Exception

The exception has been quick breads, you know banana and zucchini bread where you don’t use yeast to make it rise.  Those I’ve always been able to bake, they rise beautifully and out pops a lovely loaf of bread

Once we moved into the heart of Amish country, I decided I wanted to try my hand at homemade bread again.  Because – fresh bread with breakfast?  Yes Please!


pretty fluffy mallorca rollsMy first attempt at homemade bread was when I decide to recreate a yummy breakfast sandwich we’d had on vacation.

A google search turned up a recipe. At the time, this was the only recipe that came up and the recipe writer had lived in Puerto Rico and ate at the same restaurant where we had the amazing mallorca breakfast sandwiches.  Next, gather ingredients.  There’s so much to learn, apparently not all flour is created equal – who knew.

So, after acquiring flour, yeast and eggs, I set to work!  And you know what?  The dough rose and the rolls rose again after being rolled and then they rose even more when I baked them and I was so happy I’m sure my friends in Seattle heard my shouts of delight.

Homemade Bread

homemade amish white breadNext on my bread making adventure was Amish White Bread.  I mean – I successfully made yeast rolls so bread should be easy, right?

And you know what?  This worked too.  Based on advice from my bread making friends, I let my kitchen aid and the dough hook do the work.  And again – I had bread that rose!  And it was tasty and guests enjoyed it toasted with homemade jam.

BUT THEN, the next several loafs that I tried to make didn’t rise and my dreams of fresh homemade bread were squashed! only to be reawakened on another vacation.  But that’s a story for another day.  Until then, if you have secrets for making homemade bread – please let me know.