So – I hear Barenaked Ladies in my head when I typed the title.  And, in all honesty, it’s hasn’t quite been one year.  But it’s close.  As I’m writing this post, it’s been one year since we sold our house in Seattle and started the long drive cross-country.  The last year has been quite the adventure and learning curve. There have been ups and downs and many, many wonderful guests over our first year!  I thought I’d do a quick recap of our first year at Carriage Corner:

Lessons Learned:

  • Serve breakfast in courses;
  • Make just a bit more than you think you need;
  • It’s best to plate breakfast;
  • Never serve bacon if there is more than 2 rooms booked;
  • Keep bread on hand at all time;
  • Never run out of eggs;
  • Try new ideas out on the family first;
  • Use the ‘good’ china – what are you saving it for?;
  • Someone will always want a room if I go to knit night – so go to knit night;
  • Walking the dogs before breakfast makes for a better day; and
  • Learn to enjoy the downtime.

    Carriage Corner Year in Review, ELP's smiling face

    The best *UP* of all


  • Eleanor’s birth and being close enough to drop everything and be there;
  • Guests!  We have the most wonderful guests.  I’m enjoying the relationships we are building;
  • Spending the day working with my spouse;
  • Redoing the guests rooms to reflect our personalities;
  • Mud Sales; and
  • Hosting 2 sewing retreats.


  • Saying goodbye to Beauregard James (I’ve included a video of him eating lettuce – that boy);
  • Spending the day working with my spouse (ha ha!);
  • Attending the mud sales (hubby can’t keep his arm down at the auction!); and
  • Learning to enjoy the downtime – next year will be better.