Learning from Guests about Lapp Valley Farm Ice CreamYoung Jersey Dairy Cow, future ice cream producer at Lapp Valley Farm

Our very first Winter as owners of Carriage Corner we had 3 couples come to stay during a weekend in February.  They are absolutely lovely and now they come back every New Year’s Eve.  One of the things they told us about during that February stay was Lapp Valley Farm and how good the ice cream is.  I will admit – it took us almost 5 months before we got up to Lapp Valley Farm and had the ice cream right there at the farm.  Up until then, we’d had Lapp Valley Ice Cream, we just bought it at Kitchen Kettle Village when we’d walk into town.

Ice Cream is Better at the Farm

Guests agree that the ice cream tastes better when you enjoy it at up at Lapp Valley Farm, there’s just something to be said about sitting on the porch and watching the barn kitties wander around trying to get their share of ice cream.  Once you’ve finished take a wonder down to the bottle calf pens and pet the little darlings with their beautiful eyes.  If you are curious, the farm hands will answer any questions you have about the cows.  The milking parlor is open, go on in and take a look around.  Be amazed at how much milk each cow produces a day!

Drive ThroughSingle scoop of Lapp Valley Farm ice cream in a dish

When you need your ice cream fix, but the parking lot is packed – well guess what?  Lapp Valley has a drive through at the farm.  They will pass just about everything through that window:  Amish butter, cheese, milk, eggs and even ice cream or a milkshake.  But – don’t say we didn’t warn you, because once you try the milk and butter, you’ll be spoiled for just buying it at your local grocery store.


Not Grocery Store Ice Cream

Don’t get us wrong – there is a place for grocery store ice cream in our lives.  But there’s also a place in your life for fresh, creamy, delicious ice cream from Lapp Valley Farm.  When you check in, we’ll give you a map and put an “X” where the farm is.  It’ll be just like an adventure, where the prize is delicious ice cream!  Lapp Valley Farm is open and serving up ice cream in a freshly made waffle cone, sugar cone, cake cone or in a dish 6 days a week.  The drive from Carriage Corner to Lapp Valley Farm is beautiful and will take you through the farm lands and past an Amish school house, depending on the time of year, you might even catch a glimpse of an Amish baseball game.


Divider color barn

We have stayed at Carriage Corner Bed and Breakfast two times and just love it Jay and Gaylen are wonderful host.

The food is absolutely delicious. the in is spotless cozy and so inviting. We just love it and will return. – Jill L., PA, via facebook