Seasonal Décor vs Holiday Décor

If you’ve stayed at Carriage Corner, you know that I am crafty.  I like being able to make things like Mr. Carriage Corner’s shirts and the decorations that are around the inn. I also like to decorate the inn for holidays, but really seasonal décor is much more my style.  (Honestly, it’s easier too.)  So, when you think seasonal décor, what do you think of?  I think of Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter – and then I sprinkle in Valentine’s Day, Easter & Christmas.  That’s what works for me.

Room Décor

I will admit, I’m not a fan of the overly decorate room.  While we do change things up every now and again.  Making and adding new nightstands.  Changing the lamps for the perfect matching lamps.  But I don’t want to clutter up Your Room with my tchotchkes. Rather, we decorate your door (the exception is Christmas).

Free Standing Lace

stack of heartsSeveral years ago, I decided to create my first free standing lace project.  What is free standing lace?  It is lace with no fabric behind, think Battenberg lace.  Because I’m not a designer – I purchased designs that would create hearts out of thread.  All of these designs have a little loop incorporated into the design for hanging on the hooks that are under your room name.

In order to have the stability to create the lace hearts, you have to stitch on water soluble stabilizer.  I like using the same thread in the bobbin and needle.

I stitched out 5 hearts of 5 different colors.  Once all the hearts had been stitched out, I trimmed the stabilizer close to the stitching.  I then soaked them in a sink of cold water for about 2 hours.   The longer they soak, they softer and more pliable they get.  Soaking them dissolves the stabilizer, leaving you with nothing but lace made of thread.  Next step is to press.

Creating this Seasonal Décor

For the mantle, Target Dollar Spot to the rescue!  As we like to use an industrial farmhouse type decor, the twine gives a lovely rustic touch that fits right in.  Pink and white ribbon in various lengths, hot glued one end at the hanging loop.  Then using traditional Valentine’s colored clothespins to hang the hearts over the twine.

Pretty little seasonal décor hearts - all in a row

Pretty little hearts – all in a row

But – that wasn’t all the hearts.  There were a few left.  I also made the ‘garland’ that hangs at the top of the stairs during February (you can see it in the top of this post) and have enough hearts to hand a different one on the door of each room.  I’m so very happy with this project.  It was very time consuming, but worth every minute!  So tell me, do you decorate for the seasons?  Or for the holidays?  Or maybe, like us, some combination of both?