Local Shopping

I love supporting the shops in our small town of Intercourse, Pennsylvania.  And it’s even better if I actually know the maker.  In this case of one of the Marketplace Shops – I do!

Handmade Quilts & Crafts at the Marketplace Shops

looking into the window of Handmade Quilts & Crafts you'll see a beautiful heart quilt with a barnwood ladder leaning on the window from the outsideThis is a small collection of shops just west of Kitchen Kettle Village. In fact, it’s actually walkable from Carriage Corner although, if you’re planning on doing a lot of shopping, you’ll want to drive.  Just past the light where Old Philadelphia Pike and Newport Road split again (the 2 roads are the same for about a block and that’s one theory of how the village got it’s name) If you’re driving, go straight through that light on Old Philadelphia Pike and then turn right into the parking lot.  {Assuming you’re coming from Carriage Corner, of course.}

Once you’ve found a place to park, the Handmade Quilts & Crafts shop is at the end of space.  It’s before you get to Old Road Furniture, at the farthest West end of farther west building facing Old Philadelphia Pike.

barnwood bunniesThis shop is similar to an antiques mall, where there are several vendors selling their stuff inside the shop.  However, in this case all of the vendors are Amish and they all take turns workingvertical welcome sign for porch at the shop.  We happen to know Emma who makes gorgeous decor and signs from old barnwood.  And yes, she really uses old barnwood.  Mr. Carriage Corner has been known to help her find barns that are being torn down and help her dismantle them to acquire the barnwood.

You may have seen some of Emma’s barnwood crafts during your stay at Carriage Corner.  We have a welcome shutter on the front porch that Emma made for us and she even made the monthly interchangeable “O’s” for us as well.  So, as you can see, if you are looking for something custom, stop in and see Emma at Homemade Quilts & Crafts.

But the Quilts

a beautiful gray and white start quilt hanging over a bed with a lonestar quilt on itYou will almost always see a woman or two sitting at a quilt frame at the back of the shop.  There, they are working on hand quilting whatever the newest beautiful quilt is.  I’ve looked at the prices and they run from $800 to $1,100 for a queen size, hand-quilted, made by the Amish quilt!  And let me tell you the quilts are gorgeous.  They have everything from subtle colors like the star quilt featured in the photo to bright bargello quilts.

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, well guess what?  You can commission a quilt that meets your requirements!

These quilts are definitely works of art.  But remember, the Amish don’t have much use for non-functional things.  So feel free to put that new quilt on your bed and sleep under it!

Then There’s the Crafts

display of handmade pot holders at handmade quilts & craftsMany of the crafts available at Homemade Quilts and Crafts are house ware type items.  They are small things that are easily affordable and make a great gift for the person watching yoursets of coffee printed placemats dog while you’re spending a few days in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.  There is a wall of pot holders and have all been pieced and are one perfectly tiny quilt block that you can use to take hot pans out of the oven.

There is also a section of where there are sets of four placemats made from the cutest print fabrics.  In fact, you may see one or both of the fabrics featured in the placemat photo on Mr. Carriage Corner in the morning at breakfast.  His favorite bowling shirts are the coffee prints.  You’ll also find lots of other soft goods including scented hot pads, tissue covers and fabric masks.

All in All – you won’t be mad if you stop at Homemade Quilts & Crafts while you are in town.