Sometimes planning a get away to a new area is hard.  So, what if we planned it all out for you?  Let’s plan a 4 night get away at Carriage Corner during Mud Sale Season, because we know you love finding a bargain!

Day 1, Thursday:

photo of the cheese plate you can add onto any stay at Carriage Corner Check into Carriage Corner, unload your bags and relax with a lovely cheese plate waiting for you.

After relaxing for a bit, get into the car and head to Pasquale’s Italian restaurant.  Their garlic knots are amazing, so make sure you order them to start.  They have gluten free pasta which is very good as well.

After dinner, come back to Carriage Corner and cozy up in the guest lounge with a cup of coffee and a book from our lending library, or your favorite hand work – it is National Craft Month, after all.

Day 2, Friday:

After enjoying a relaxing, freshly prepared breakfast that meets all of your dietary requirements, why not head over to Green Dragon?  Green Dragon is an amazing farmers/flea market.  You’ll find fabulous baked goods there as well as loads of fresh local veggies.  Don’t forget we have a fridge available for your use, so you don’t have to worry about your produce.

LBC Tap Room - Bacon SamplerOn your way to the mud sale venue, take a quick stop in Ephrata at Weathered Vineyards Wine Tasting Room (don’t forget to ask us for the discount code).   Then continue on your way to preview this week’s mud sale items.  Don’t forget to register for your bidder number while you are there.  It will make getting started that much easier!

Friday evening, I’d suggest a stop into Lancaster Brewing – either the Tap Room on 30 or the main location downtown.  Their burgers are amazing – as is everything else on the menu!  Tell them you’re staying at Carriage Corner for a discount on your food.

Upon arriving back at Carriage Corner, we’d love to sit and hear all about your day.  Or curl up in your room and watch a movie before having a peaceful night’s sleep.

Day 3, Saturday:

Because the mud sale starts so early, we’ll be waiting for you in the kitchen, which a hot packed breakfast.  Bring a travel mug so you don’t have to miss out on our fabulous coffee.

Spend the day at the mud sale, patience will be your friend – especially if you are waiting for a particular item.  Grab lunch at the mud sale as the ladies auxiliary will be there with food.  Once you’ve left the mud sale, may we suggest a trip up to Lapp Valley Farm for some incredible ice cream?

End the day with reservations at the Historic Revere Tavern.  We’re happy to make reservations for you.

Day 4, Sunday:

Take your time on Sunday morning you have nowhere to be.  Enjoy your breakfast over conversation with the other guests.  Tell them all about the treasures you found at the mud sale and the great bargains.  Be prepared for show and tell.

After breakfast, take a short drive up to Columbia and spend a couple of hours at the Turkey Hill Experience.  Do try the Ice Cream Experience (where you get to create your own ice cream flavor) and also the tea experience.  When you are done there, head down the road to Burning Bridge Antiques Market and why not grab dinner at Mr. Joe’s Steak House before heading back to Carriage Corner to revisit your relaxing day?

Day 5, Monday:

4 flats or 10 dozen farm fresh brown eggsDarn! Today after your fabulous breakfast, you have to go home 🙁  We are going to be so sad to see you leave.  But we’ll tell you were to shop on your way home so you can go back with your car loaded down with fresh groceries from Amish Country.

First, we’re going to send you across the street to grab some fresh eggs from cage free chickens!  This is where we get all of our eggs and they are fabulous.  Next, why not make a stop into Centerville Bulk foods and stock up on baking supplies – I get mini chips here, as well as flavor extracts and sprinkles for cookies.  Don’t forget to stop by Kitchen Kettle Village – The Olive Basin is where we get the flavored balsamic we put on your morning fruit cup, then go around the corner to the Jam & Relish Kitchen – pick up some pickles and peanut butter smear.  Don’t forget to stop into Aged & Cured for cheese and meat for your ride home.  Finally, go across 340 and up Center Street to Stoltfus meats and stock up.

Once you are home and enjoying all your fresh fruits, veggies, eggs & meat – call to make your next reservation at Carriage Corner!