So, You Like to Shop?

The propane lights Many of our guests ask us where they can shop that isn’t the same ol’ same ol’ shop that is in every town across America.  Depending on what you are shopping for, one of our favorite suggestions is Country Housewares in Leola.  Located on Musser School Road just a few scenic miles from Carriage Corner, you’ll find a true Amish gem of a store.

One of the first things that I always notice when I arrive is that the shop is lit with propane light fixtures.  You may notice that the this little shop is filled to the rafters with everything you can imagine, but the lights always get me.  As you can see in the picture on the day I was shopping there, the lights weren’t on.  This is because there are high windows in the shop and it was a bright day for January.

What Might You Find at Country Housewares?


This is a question I am often asked – why would I want to shop there?  From linens to dishes, and everything in between you’ll find what you’re looking for at Country Housewares!

Here’s a little Amish trivia for you:  when the Amish get married, they don’t have a registry.  In fact, the groom buys the bride her china, along with silverware and glassware well before the wedding.  If the bride was a teacher, her students will get together and purchase her some lovely items as well.  Country Housewares has a large selection of beautiful china, sparkly crystal and perfect everyday dishes.

While the groom buys the fancy dishes, the families pitch in and make sure the kitchen is well stocked.  But, again, the bride hasn’t registered for anything!  Can you imagine?!

House Decor & Linens

I think we all tend to think of Amish as very plain people, but in fact, they like to have a beautiful, cozy home just as much as the next person.  While you won’t find many paintings on the walls, you will find signs with cute or Christian sayings.  You can find a huge selection of these signs during your visit to County Housewares.

You will also find a great selection of blankets, bedding, towels, sheets, comforters and table linens all at what is a great price!

Personally, I’m a huge fan of these signs.  I love wandering around looking for inspiration for the day or for my personal crafting!

Notions & Craft Supplies

There is one isle filled with notions that any seamstress would want, from scissors to buttons you’ll find it here.  I often stop here when I’m putting together swag bags for Sew Camps.

I enjoy the fact that I can get a little bag of 12 buttons for right around a dollar, sometimes two, rather than paying twice that for 4 buttons elsewhere and that there is a decent selection of colors available.  The store stocks Gutterman thread and lots of Fiskars scissors, so the items they carry are good quality.  They also have a large selection of snaps that will work with a snap setter tool or snap pliers.

You will also find a small section of DMC thread, yarns and other craft items.

Finally – Toys & Games

Because the Amish don’t watch tv or play on smart phones in the evenings, they often play games. You can get your own copies of marbles here (I always called this aggravation), corn hole, volleyball, or adult memory – which is very difficult and fun to play.  We have the National Parks version in our games closet if you want to try it out during your next stay!  We’re always happy to come play with you, if we’re around.

Don’t forget to wander down the isle filled with toys for the kids.  Grab a new baby doll or fire truck for your grandchild.

Country Housewares is open Monday through Thursday from 7a – 5p; Fridays from 7a – 8p!; and on Saturdays they close at 4.  So, plan you’re next visit to Carriage Corner and ask us to mark Country Housewares on the map for you!  You won’t be mad that you stopped there.