You Never Know Where Inspiration Will Strike

This past January, back when things were normal and people still traveled by plane, we took a lovely little vacation.  We were on a small island and had a really, really lovely time!  We ate lots of lovely foods, including daily cake.  But my favorite by far was the breakfast.  See, I just love breakfast.  So one day while we were out exploring a fabulous market, we decided to sit down and have brunch.

As we studied the menu, Mr. Carriage Corner asked me what Croque Madam was and I told him french toast stuffed with ham & cheese and topped with a fried egg.  Because that’s always been what I thought it was.  Apparently – I’m not 100% correct, but that’s what I think it is and that’s how we make it here at Carriage Corner.

Croque Madam

Tvacation croque madamhis is the sad sack croque madam that Mr. Carriage Corner was served for breakfast on that beautiful morning.

I can tell you that the bread wasn’t dipped in egg batter or even toasted. There was no bechemel sauce to be found, and the one slice of cheese on the outside of the sandwich, under the egg hadn’t even begun to get melty and goey.

So, in the course of making our version and researching Croque Monsieur, Croque Madam (croque monsieur with an egg on top) and Monte Cristco I’ve decide our breakfast sandwich is a cross between a monte cristo and a croque madam

How We Croque Madam at Carriage Corner

Like everything good in life, it starts with good bread!  If bread making is in your wheelhouse, then please make your own!  Bread making is something I am working on in 2020 and would have been pandemic or not.  If it’s not, then buy good bread, maybe a challah if you can find one.

Next, you’re going to mix up a savory egg wash to dip that yummy bread into.  Dip your bread in the egg mixture, then place onto a hot griddle, then turn the heat down.  When the first side is golden brown, flip that.  Now, top both pieces of bread with shredded swiss cheese and shaved ham.  If you have a cover that will cover both sides of the bread, cover them up.  Your griddle should be on a low heat by now so the bread gets golden brown and the cheese melts at the same time.  Meanwhile, get ready to poach and egg.  Once you’ve dropped your egg into your poaching water, take the cover off your griddle and carefully put your sandwich together.  The outside should be a lovely golden brown and the inside is full of melty cheese and warm ham. Put the sandwich on the plate and lightly dust with powdered sugar and then top with the poached egg.