New Restaurants

We have been thinking about trying out some new restaurants lately.  The Brass Eagle has been on our radar for awhile.  We frequently drive past when we’re going to visit the kids.  Finally – we scheduled a night to go out for dinner.

Brass Eagle

Brass Eagle Crab Cakes - one fried, one grilled with a side of mushroomsThe Brass Eagle is 2 restaurants in one.  Downstairs there is a Sports Bar with pool tables and a tasty looking pub menu; upstairs is the main restaurant with a small bar in it.  On this night, we sat at the bar as March Madness was playing on tv.  The staff was gracious when we asked to move from the booth to the bar and the bartender was charming, friendly and chatty.  Brass Eagle gives a hometown vibe, like everyone is regulars and honestly, that’s one of the things that had kept us from stopping – Would we feel uncomfortable?  Would we be ignored?  Neither of those things happened, in fact everyone was friendly and kind, from the other diners to the owner who sat next to us for the end of the basketball game.

About the Brass Eagle:  “Serving the community great homestyle meals for over 20 years and counting! Located in Lancaster County less than a mile from the Chester County border. Stop by anytime and take advantage of our many daily specials or check out the game with friends at our downstairs neighborhood sports bar. Famous for both our crabcakes loaded with crab meat and homemade soups. We offer a wide selection of menu items to meet all of your family’s cravings…and did we mention FREE dessert (with purchase of entree)!” From the About Us page on their website.


While the Brass Eagle is open from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday – Saturday and from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Sundays and they serve everything from breakfast to dinner.  You’re most likely not going to Brass Eagle for Breakfast, because you’ll be enjoying the freshly prepared Chef’s Choice breakfast served daily at Carriage Corner.  The lunch and dinner menu looks good, they tend to have a lean toward Greek Food and I’m totally okay with that.  Greek is not the only thing on the menu.

Our Brass Eagle Experience

Brass Eagle's Prime Rib with sauted mushroomsWe went to Brass Eagle for dinner on a random Wednesday night.  As soon as we walked in the door, we were greeted by the hostess, who immediately grabbed 2 HUGE menus and led us to a booth in the dining room.  While they weren’t extremely busy that night, we weren’t the only people in the restaurant.  Once we were seated, we noticed there was a bar, so we asked to move.

As we are also currently researching where to get the best Prime Rib, Mr. Carriage Corner ordered that.  I ordered the crabcakes, which there are known for.  Both of our entrees came with 2 sides and without discussion, we both ordered the same things:  breaded mushrooms and baked potatoes.  The food came on multiple plates, but it was hot and served quickly.  Because we were seated in the bar, the bartender delivered our food and checked on us regularly to see if we needed anything else.

All in all, we were very happy with our dinner and experience at Brass Eagle and we think you might be as well.  Let us know if you go to the Brass Eagle for dinner at some point.