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*Edited:  Contest Closed, Winner Notified.  Thanks for playing.  

Many people have asked about the names we gave the room.

LonestarThat is one thing we did change.  You see, when we got here the rooms were a jumbled mess – at least to us.  They all had fruit or color names – depending on your view.  But they had numbers on the doors.  AND the room decor didn’t really have any tie in to the name.  See we had Plum, Strawberry, Lemon, Pineapple & Cranberry.  So, you’d arrive and check in.  I’d see you’d booked the Strawberry room and then take you to the room with the off white walls, green quilt, solid beige chair and a the number 2 spelled out on the door.  It was confusing for me!

Being new to the area and not having a chance to explore BUT wanting to do the ‘rebranding’ of rooms before the new website went live – I had no idea how to name the rooms that made sense.  I grabbed a book on Amish Quilts off the bookshelf and started thumbing through it.  Cranberry already had a beautiful Amish made, hand-quilted lonestar quilt on the bed – with that a theme was born.


So now our rooms are all named after quilt patterns.  3 of the 5 rooms have quilts that match their names.  The new names are:  Log Cabin, Lancaster Rose, Tumbling Blocks, Dahlia, Lonestar and the office/gift shop also got a quilt name:  Drunkard’s Path.  If you were a loyal guest of the previous owners and want to stay in the same room you always stayed in – give me a call.  Tell me the old name of the room and I’ll tell you what the new name is.  I have a cheat sheet so I don’t forget.  😀

So – let’s have a little contest.  Click over and check out the room pictures then come back and comment on which 2 rooms don’t have quilts that match their names.  The room pictures are updated with the the new quilts and names.  Leave a comment telling me which rooms don’t have bedding that matches their name.  Make sure I have a way to contact you.  I’ll draw 1 person from the comment to win 50% off their second night!  Good luck

Edited – I’m closing this contest on June 20th and the answer is in the comments.

drunkard's Path

10 comments on “Room Names

  1. I think former guests were accustomed to things the way they were. Change is often a hard thing to get accustomed too for some.

  2. Connie Hovan

    Looks like Log Cabin and Dahlia don’t match, but it’s been awhile since I’ve looked at quilt patterns. LOL
    We love to come down to Lancaster in the fall for a Sight and Sound and Shopping weekend.
    Your place comes highly recommended by our friend Krystle.
    We will definitely be calling you this year!

  3. Hi Connie – we’d love to have you. Sight & Sound is showing Jonah until October 14th and then their Christmas show starts. If you didn’t know – we can purchase best available tickets for you to S&S for a small discount – I think it’s $3 less plus no additional fees. We look forward to hosting you. Gaylen

  4. Hmmm – since you’ve been here, I would have thought you’d get it right. You got 1 correct 🙂 Gaylen

    ps – the correct answer is Tumbling Blocks & Lancaster Rose.

  5. Hi Dale – I understand completely. You were here before the rooms were redone – hopefully the whole make-over won’t be too hard to handle. How is your shoulder doing? Are you recovered? Gaylen

  6. Nice job Helen!! They are on my to-do list! Someday – someday I’ll get those quilts made 😀 Gaylen

  7. Kelly Scott

    What fun… I had to google to learn more about the names. So my guess is Lancaster Rose and Tumbling Blocks. Thru this I learned that the quilt from my mom is Dahlia.

  8. Hi Kelly – thanks for playing and doing research! I have a photo of a Lancaster Rose quilt in the post. I think it’s the one I want to try next. Did your mom make your dahlia quilt? They sure are pretty!

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