Do You Pouf?

Pouf - Bee Kind

One of the early upgrades we made to Carriage Corner was to stock the bathrooms with BeeKind toiletry items.  We made the decision that rather than purchase tiny individual sized items that either don’t get used up and then have to be thrown away or just get taken (which is fine).  That we were going to go with the BeeKind line of products as we liked their philosophy.  All of the BeeKind products are made without parabens, phthalest or artificial ingredients.  Both Jay and I felt that the fragrance was light and citrus-y enough to work for either men or women.

The next decision was to put refillable bottles with pump dispensers into each shower.  Each bathroom has a supply of Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash (doubles as hand soap at the sink) and Lotion.  pouf - packaged

At that point, our older daughter said, if we were supplying body wash in the showers rather than bar soap, we needed to also supply poufs.  So – we ordered a case of poufs and we put a brand new pouf sealed in a plastic bag in each bathroom.  One per stay.


pouf - showerBut – I’ve noticed that people rarely use them and I don’t know why?  I’m looking for ideas here.  I find that when I use a bath pouf, I get better suds from my body wash than if I used a wash cloth.  I also use less body wash to get clean.

Personally – I love my pouf.  So – I’m wondering – would you use a pouf?  If not – why not?  Talk to me, because I really do want to know.  I also need to know if this a good expense or a waste of money that could be spent elsewhere?

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  1. Chris schwab

    I pouf, but since most places I have stayed provide a wash cloth, I take my own. Are the bags labeled that they are new? It sounds lovely yet unexpect

  2. Chris, they are in sealed plastic bags. They don’t necessarily have any labelling, but they are brand new. I guess I could make stickers for them. 🙂

  3. Susan V. from VA

    I don’t use them, but if you made up a little laminated card with a story about how poufs came to be and why they work so well with your special bath products and placed the pouf near it, maybe people would give them a try. Good luck!

  4. I prefer a washcloth but my first thought was did it look brand new or used and cleaned. If it was a factory sealed bag then I think your guest who “poufs” would use it. I would reach for the face cloth.

  5. Definitely prefer a pouf and since most places I’ve been supply washcloths, I travel with mine. If they were provided and sealed that’s what I’d reach for.

  6. Shenetha Rainey

    I loved the fact that you provided the pouf. Normally I bring my own when I travel. So the fact that you provided one was a pleasant surprise. Maybe some of your other guests are bringing their own also. Not sure, but I definitely prefer the pouf.

  7. It sounds like I’m in the minority, but I prefer cotton wash cloths. Poufs may lather better, but they don’t exfoliate and clean the way a wash cloth does-at least for me. I don’t like that poufs are made from plastic and are a non-renewable resource. Presumably, the folks who use them take them home and reuse multiple times.

  8. Perhaps- “complimentary poufs available upon request” I often forget a travel one and I much prefer a pouf as well (I also just love any extra free stuff in a room)

  9. I loved that you supplied the pouf. To me it was obviously brand new and never used. I’m surprised others have not used it. I definitely prefer using a pouf to a wash cloth.

  10. Carmela Brown

    I love using the pouf. How thoughtful and kind of you to think of your guests. I look forward to seeing you and Jay in October! Carmela

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