Lititz Fire & Ice Festival

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20170218_152805 (2)

Krystle, Eleanor Leigh, and Jessica in the Ice Chair – brrrr

20170218_150054 (2)

Beautiful ice castle. This thing was huge – actual castle proportions ūüėČ

This is our first Winter in Lancaster County and as I research fun things for you all to do while you stay here, we’re taking advantage of some of them too.

So, on President’s Day Weekend, when our oldest daughter was visiting from Seattle and our youngest daughter (the new Momma) and our beautiful brand new granddaughter (Eleanor Leigh) were in town visiting, we loaded everyone up and headed into Lititz to wander around the Fire & Ice Festival. ¬†Lititz was a short drive, made a bit longer by all the traffic heading to the festival. ¬†We stayed off of the main freeways and enjoyed the driving along the farmroads.

Luckily for us, it was an amazingly warm Spring-like day.  Which had the crowds out in huge numbers Рbut caused the ice to melt much, much faster than it would have normally in February in Lancaster County.  You can see, except for the baby, we were all walking around in our shirtsleeves.

There was so much to do at the Park where the Fire & Ice Festival was held. ¬†You should check out the “official photos” of the event, because the Ice Sculptures were amazing, but like I said, starting to melt by the time we got there.

There was also a chili cook-off which we really wanted to attend, but not knowing where to purchase the buttons, we decided to grab lunch from the food trucks available at the park. We were amazed to find plenty of gluten free and dairy free options for the girls who have food issues. ¬†And Jay & I had some amazing smoked chili, smoked mac & cheese and nachos. ¬†Other than all the things smoked – there was no rhyme or reason to what we ate. ¬†Also, since Eleanor isn’t really old enough yet, we skipped the carnival this year. ¬†But will take her in a few years.

20170218_133717 (2)

Eleanor Leigh with the Ice (we’ve bought her sunnies since then).

After walking all around the park, looking at the all the Ice Sculpture and trying to figure out what they were before they started melting, we headed to main street.  There was a giant chair made of ice.  The girls (mind you, they are our kids, but obviously, they are adults!) wanted to sit in the chair.  They stood in line and waited their turn.  Krystle was wearing the baby, so she stayed warm.  Kystle said, even though there was a pad on the seat that it was COLD!  Jessica was the smart one and just stood behind the chair.

After leaving the park, we crossed the street and headed for Wilbur chocolates. ¬†My first experience with Wilbur was last November when guests brought us a box of milk chocolate buds. ¬† These little buds are darling to look at, but the chocolate is heavenly and they just melt in your mouth. ¬†We came home with both milk & dark chocolate buds, some salted caramels and chocolate covered raisins. ¬†I’m hoping they last a long time, but the buds will most likely end up in a candy dish in the common area.

We felt like the Ice Festival was a lot of fun. It was a short drive along beautiful farmlands and didn’t really get congested until we got very close to the park. ¬†It’s an annual event and we’re looking forward to going again next year!